A Day in the Grand Bazaar: Shopping, Taste and HistoryHistory

A Day in the Grand Bazaar: Shopping, Taste and History

By SU Magazin / 2024-05-28

The Grand Bazaar is one of the largest and oldest covered bazaars in the world with over 600 years of history. Located in the heart of Istanbul, this historic bazaar attracts millions of visitors every year with its labyrinthine streets, thousands of shops and colorful atmosphere. 

A Historical Journey 

The history of the Grand Bazaar dates back to 1461, when Mehmet the Conqueror conquered Istanbul. Mehmet the Conqueror had this bazaar built in order to revitalize the city's economy. The bazaar grew and developed over time and became one of the most important trade centers of the Ottoman Empire. 

The Grand Bazaar is not only a trade center but also an important center of Ottoman culture. There are many historical buildings in the bazaar such as mosques, madrasahs, baths and caravanserais. These buildings add a historical atmosphere to the bazaar. 

Shopping Pleasure 

The Grand Bazaar sells a wide variety of products such as carpets, rugs, jewelry, leather goods, spices, clothing and souvenirs. It is possible to find products suitable for every budget. 

It is important to bargain while shopping in the Grand Bazaar. Shopkeepers in the bazaar are open to bargaining and usually discount their initial prices. 

What to see in Grand Bazaar 

Cevahir Bedesteni Built in 1461, Cevahir Bedesteni is the oldest part of the Grand Bazaar. Valuables such as gold, silver and diamonds are sold in this bazaar. 

Sandal Bedesteni: Built in 1461, Sandal Bedesten is the largest bedesten of the Grand Bazaar. Carpets, rugs and textile products are sold in this bedesten. 

Grand Bazaar Complex: It is a complex consisting of a mosque, madrasah, bathhouse and caravanserai located inside the Grand Bazaar. Built in the 15th century by Fatih Sultan Mehmet, the complex is one of the most beautiful examples of Ottoman architecture. 

Nuruosmaniye Mosque: The Nuruosmaniye Mosque is an Ottoman mosque located near the Grand Bazaar. The mosque was built in 1755 by Sultan Osman III. 

Cemberlitas Column: The Çemberlitaş Column is a monument built by the Roman Emperor Diocletian. The column is located near the Grand Bazaar. 

Sahaflar Bazaar: Sahaflar Bazaar is a bazaar inside the Grand Bazaar where old books are sold. 

Tahtakale: Tahtakale is a neighborhood near the Grand Bazaar where textiles, toys and household goods are sold. 

The Grand Bazaar is one of the most important tourist attractions of Istanbul. You should definitely visit the Grand Bazaar with its historical atmosphere, colorful culture and shopping opportunities. 

The Importance of the Grand Bazaar 

The Grand Bazaar is not only a shopping center, but also a cultural center. The bazaar has been an important part of Ottoman and Turkish culture for centuries. The Grand Bazaar is an important symbol of the historical and cultural heritage of Istanbul and Turkey. 


Visiting the Grand Bazaar 

Don't forget to visit the Grand Bazaar to feel the historical and cultural spirit of Istanbul! Get lost in its labyrinthine streets, breathe in the scent of handmade products and spices, and meet the warmth of local shopkeepers. Enjoy bargaining and have an unforgettable shopping experience. 

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