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Best Versions of Döner Kebab and Its History

By SU Magazin / 2022-01-07

Döner kebab or döner with a more common name dates back to Turkey but it is popular in nearly all the world nowadays. Even though the ingredients, the meat, and spices differ from one to another, they all are the döner and take their origin from our country. In most of the countries, you can hear shawarma, gyros, tacos al pastor, kabab Torki, and many more. But the basis of döner is really simple, beaten meat is being seasoned with suet, local herbs, and spices and then skewering them on a spit, grill vertically. In the original version, the meat of döner was lamb but in most of the restaurants, they use lamb and beef mixture or just beef. In some places, you can find chicken döner too, which is very popular because of its price and some people prefer this not only for the price but only for taste too.