Secrets of Hagia SophiaHistory

Secrets of Hagia Sophia

By SU Magazin / 2021-09-06

Hagia Sophia was built by the Byzantine Empire and served as Orthodox Church. It has hosted many myths throughout history. These myths have translated Hagia Sophia into the languages ​​of the world for centuries. It passed to Ottoman Empire with the conquest of Istanbul by Fatih Sultan Mehmet.

Hagia Sophia, which was converted into a mosque during the Ottoman period, continues to serve as a museum. Today, it is a mosque again.

921 years church and 481 years as a mosque, it has particular importance for both Christians and Muslims. Here are the amazing features and secrets of the magnificent structure:

The perspiring column which end the hand sweating: The column in the last of the left side of the doors in the direction of the qibla of Hagia Sophia is made of marble and it is wet at all seasons. This is the reason why it has a name like that.

Despite being made of marble, the first 1 meter of the area is covered with copper. This column draws attention to its benefits.

If the people who have a problem with hand sweating, put their fingers in the hole on this column, the problem will end. Many people have tried this and it is understood it really works. What is the reason why it is moist all year round?

There are two different beliefs to answer of this question. The first one is when a huge dome of Hagia Sophia was destroyed in an earthquake in the restoration of it, they mixed zamzam water to the mortar of column which came from Mecca, caused it.

According to the other belief, the Prophet of Hızır flipped the direction of the column to Mecca by touching it. On the other hand, the most valuable scientific explanation is that column is porous.

Secrets of Hagia Sophia

We have listed 11 little-known secrets about the great Hagia Sophia, which fits dozens of stories and legends in its centuries-old history.

1- Priest Lost with the Holy Bowl

The most surprising legend among the Hagia Sophia legends is the story of the priest who disappeared with the holy bowl. It is believed that the priest, who preached in Hagia Sophia during the conquest of Istanbul, disappeared through a door to avoid the Muslims of the holy bowl. According to the legend; Muslims, who see the priest passing through the door, run after the priest. But they find that the door has turned into a straight wall. Another rumor about the priest is that if Istanbul is taken back by the Christian world, the door will open and the priest will continue his sermon from where he left off.

2- The Sacred Relics of Jesus in Hagia Sophia

One of the most impressive secrets of Hagia Sophia is the cross where Jesus was crucified and the nails used there are located in a hidden place in Hagia Sophia. According to the narrated; These relics brought from Jerusalem are stored in a secret compartment in Hagia Sophia. The secret of hosting these relics in Hagia Sophia is believing that the place where Jesus will land in the world after 40 thousand years is Hagia Sophia!

3- Column Pierced With Virgin Mary’s Tears

The weeping column in Hagia Sophia is said to have once been at the house of the Virgin Mary. Hearing that Jesus was caught and tortured, Virgin Mary was buried in tears and her tears melted this column. While making Hagia Sophia, this column was brought to Hagia Sophia and the church was blessed with this column.

There are many stories about the holy column. Today, visitors to Hagia Sophia turn the hole formed by the tear of the Virgin Mary with their fingers and wish their wishes. The column is also known as the wishing column for this reason.

4- The Secret of the Signs that Symbolize the Islamic World

Many Islamic motifs were added to Hagia Sophia to create an Islamic temple atmosphere after it was converted into a mosque with the conquest of Istanbul. The most important of these is, of course, the verse “Allah is the light of the heavens and the earth” written on the dome of Hagia Sophia. The plates with the names of the four caliphs were written together with the Prophet Mohammed, playing a big role in the creation of the Islamic temple.

When Hagia Sophia was turned into a museum, these plates were asked to be removed but this could not be done. Because there was no way for the plates to pass through the doors. This is the real reason why the plates that are bigger than the doors are so big!

5- The History of the Apocalypse

One of the beliefs about Hagia Sophia is the writing of the date when the apocalypse will break in one of the columns! When entering through the door to the south of the building, there is a date on the 3rd column that indicates when the apocalypse written by Hızır will break.

6- Secret of the Coffin in Hagia Sophia

There is a coffin in the middle qibla door of Hagia Sophia. It is believed that if this coffin is moved, Hagia Sophia will be destroyed.

There are 4 angel figures in the dome on the coffin, which is known to belong to Queen Sofia. When the relationship between the figures of the angels of Azrael, Israfil, Cebrail and Michael and the coffin was examined, the idea was that Hagia Sophia would be destroyed if the coffin was moved.

7- The Story of Stone Cut Fish

You have seen the fish figure in front of the Emperor’s Gate in Hagia Sophia. Like everything inside, they have a story. The narrators say that the priests in Hagia Sophia fry fish when Fatih Sultan Mehmet surrounded Istanbul. When the fish fry in the pan understands that Istanbul is conquered, they get out of the hot oil and cut stones.

8- Turning Hagia Sophia to Qibla Direction

According to what is told; Fatih Sultan Mehmet wants to pray in Hagia Sophia after he conquers Istanbul. During prayer, he breaks the prayer twice. This continues until he sees the Kaaba during the prayer. It is believed that Hagia Sophia turns in the direction of Qibla.

9- Where the Devil Is Imprisoned: Hagia Sophia

It is tried to be raised in prayer after the conquest of Istanbul. No matter how much effort is made, there is no progress. Akşemseddin understands that the reason for this is the shame of the devil to the workers. Upon this, Akşemseddin prays to Allah. Allah imprisons the devil in marble in Hagia Sophia.

10- Talisman of the Doors

Of course, there is a story about the flashy doors that fascinate everyone who goes to Hagia Sophia among such legends! Hagia Sophia has 361 glorious doors. However, the doors, 101 of which are bigger than others, are said to be a talisman. Because whenever these gates are counted, extra gates emerge.

11- Secret in Deisis Mosaic

A Deisis Mosaic is being built in 1264 to Hagia Sophia, which is full of its mosaics. It is said that the figure of Jesus in this mosaic is not really Jesus. The reason for this is the scar on the right eyebrow of the Jesus figure in the mosaic. The scar marks the number 11, and this permission is actually known to belong to the Pythagorean Sect Member Apollon.