The Best Street Flavors of IstanbulFood & Beverage

The Best Street Flavors of Istanbul

By SU Magazin / 2021-09-06

Even the 5-star restaurants are on the sidelines, the best street flavors of Istanbul are quite different for Istanbulites. Without the production of the factory, the taste of street food produced by the laboring tradesmen is indisputable.

We gathered the first tastes that come to mind when you go out on the street in Istanbul and are easy to access. These delicacies are sometimes sold in shops that travel in the heads of the seller and sometimes change the place from hour to hour on four wheels. Our street delicacies, which make even tourists addicted, are not the leaders alone. We have Istanbul side streets, Bosphorus and parks that despites to all restaurant views after you buy them.

What Are the Best Street Flavors of Istanbul?

We gathered the best street flavors of Istanbul, for our visitors.

1. Kokorec

Kokorec is the name of a dish wrapped around a long skewer and cooked in the embers of a wood fire, which makes a pleasant sound when cooking. Kokorec consists of two parts, the first of which is the inner part and the second is the outer part. The inner side of the mumbar should be wrapped with onions and spices. Then the outer part of the small intestine is wound. While the intestines are wrapped, they are wrapped with oil between them. Then, the kokoreç cooking stage can be started. In addition, thyme, paprika, paprika are among the ingredients of kokoreç. Optionally, the amount of spice can be increased or decreased.

2. Stuffed Mussels

There is always a mussel stuffing stall in every neighborhood of Istanbul. The vendor relocates from hour to hour according to the crowd. Sometimes the mussels, which finish at half an hour at the exit of a bar, return to the hot nest. The mussels sold by hand are the most delicious. The laborers who sell them carefully choose their mussels with their hands. They take it in the early hours of the morning, cook, and start opening the stalls in the afternoon. When the mussels are finished they disappear slowly. These mussels are not like farm mussels. Its flavor and freshness are completely different.

3. Bagel

Certainly, Istanbul bagel is different from other bagels and it is the most delicious if it is up to me. Morning-lunch-evening bagels are eaten. Between cheese-tomato is placed, next to the olive is bitten. Sometimes you make tea-bagels, sometimes comes bagel-buttermilk. Whether you eat at home, or if you want to take a warm bagel on the beach with tea against the deep blue sea. Bagels are both cheap, satisfying and delicious. The rich, the poor go into everyone’s dining room. Even though the old taste of rising sesame and molasses prices is not everywhere, Istanbul sims preserver occupies a big place in the heart of everyone.

4. Ring Dessert

One of our most beautiful desserts that warms the winter months with its taste is the ring dessert. This distinctive flavor that Gaziantep offers to our tables is also known for its resemblance to the Spanish ur churros ‘. The dough obtained by mixing milk, yogurt, baking soda, salt, semolina and rice flour is squeezed into hot oil by giving a ring shape. Then, sweet, sugar, water and lemon juice is poured into the sherbet. It is recommended that the dessert be eaten hot and crispy.