Where Colors, Smells and Flavors Meet: Spice Bazaar History

Where Colors, Smells and Flavors Meet: Spice Bazaar 

By SU Magazin / 2024-05-14

Located in the heart of Istanbul, Spice Bazaar is not only a shopping center but also an important part of the city's historical and cultural heritage. Built in 1660, this historical bazaar has been the center of spices, nuts, Turkish delight and many other delicacies for centuries. 

History of the Spice Bazaar 

The history of the Spice Bazaar dates back to the heyday of the Ottoman Empire. Built as part of the New Mosque complex built by Sultan Murad III's wife Safiye Sultan, the bazaar was first called "Yeni Bazaar" or "Valide Bazaar". After the 18th century, it became famous for the sale of products from Egypt and was named "Egyptian Bazaar". 

Architecture of the Spice Bazaar 

The Egyptian Bazaar, which has an L-shaped plan, consists of shops with entrances through three main gates, connected to each other by courtyards and corridors. The main gates of the bazaar are the "Hünkâr Gate" facing the New Mosque, the "Main Gate" facing Eminönü and the "North Gate" facing Çiçek Pazarı. There are also inns, mosques and fountains within the bazaar. 

Flavor Stops 

Egyptian Bazaar is a paradise for spice lovers. You can find spices from all over the world in this bazaar where you can find classic spices such as black pepper, cumin, turmeric, saffron as well as more exotic spices. 

In addition to spices, the Egyptian Bazaar also sells nuts, Turkish delights, regrets, dried fruits and herbs. There are also shops selling carpets, rugs, jewelry, textiles and souvenirs. 

An Experience Combining History and Flavor 

Visiting the Spice Bazaar is not only a great opportunity to shop, but also to experience the historical and cultural atmosphere of Istanbul. While wandering around the bazaar, you will be fascinated by the historical buildings, colorful shops and delicious smells. 

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